FAQ: Gutterglove Original

Is there a difference in the types of stainless steel mesh used on gutter guards in the market today?

Yes. Gutterglove uses a Unites States grade 316 stainless steel filtering mesh, the highest grade available for underwater ocean applications for it’s resistance to corrosion. There are Chinese grade stainless steel meshes on the market that you need to be very careful about. There may be other mesh gutter guards that use this lower quality form of 316 Stainless Steel. The downside on this lower grade is that it is very susceptible to corrosion and pitting and can over time fail as a gutter guard.

Why is Gutterglove involved with rain harvesting?

Because it filters out leaves, pine needles, seed pods and even sand out of your gutters and rain storage tanks, Gutterglove has become a very popular First Stage Filter in a rain collection system. Here are many TV news stories on rain collection systems that are using Gutterglove as their rain harvesting filter on their gutter system.

Why do you have Certified Gutterglove Installers?

This gives us a measure of satisfaction that they will install Gutterglove correctly. To date, there is no other gutter guard company that has a certification program in place to confirm that their installers are competent at installing their gutter covers.

Will it fit on any gutter?

Gutterglove fits on every gutter style on the market

Will Gutterglove out-perform other competitive gutter guards?

Every gutter guard company would say yes to this question, however we can prove it. Order “The Gutterguard Show” and see how Gutterglove out performs several popular gutter guards. When compared to the “reverse curve water flow systems” (old technology from the 1920’s), the gutter covers that have that roundish nose at the edge of the gutter and say “nothing but water gets through”… there is no comparison at all. Gutterglove outperforms them time and time again. Simply put, performance is based on how much debris gets through a gutter guard. So however big the hole is to allow water through to your gutter, will be the size of debris that can get through also. When comparing hole sizes, the reverse curve gutter guards have holes that are about 50 times larger than Gutterglove! And, they can cost considerably more to install.

Will Gutterglove handle heavy snow-loads in high elevations?

Yes. It will handle hundreds of pounds of snow. Your gutters would collapse before Gutterglove would break.

Why does Gutterglove use a hardened anodized aluminum frame to support the 316 stainless steel mesh?

Anodizing the aluminum frame is definitely overkill, but then again, all the components used in Gutterglove are. The founders of Gutterglove believe that using the highest quality parts in our product is but one of several things that homeowners want and set us apart from our competition.

Is Gutterglove too heavy for a gutter?

No. It weighs approximately 12 ounces per foot and half that weight rests on the roof. Only 6 ounces per foot rest on the front lip of the gutter.

Will debris collect on top of Gutterglove and not fall off?

In general, most of the debris (leaves, sand, small tree debris) falls off Gutterglove. Rain pounding on top of Gutterglove, the slope of the roof, and gentle to strong winds push virtually all debris off our gutter protection system. The pounding of the rain actually self-cleans the mesh in most situations. Gutterglove should be installed at the same pitch as the roof to get the best results of debris shedding off.  This may include lowering the gutters to create a seamless transition across surfaces.

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